Standfore – integrated banking system

Identifying a comprehensive and holistic Banking and financial software is one of the defining factors of success for a bank. The traditional banks are moving towards high technology based digital solutions to save cost and provide better services to their respective customers. There is only very few customizable software in the market that will suit all the needs of banks and financial institutions. Standfore provides top internet banking solutions aim at providing digital banking solution for the banks in an impeccable manner, and they have been successful on it for years now. Standfore’s integrated banking system provide services for 20 banks with the help of 350+ employees. As of 2017, they have more than 10 million end users who use the services regularly, and with the $1 million R&D budget, they keep improving the features and security.

And as a result, in the past few years, StandFore Online banking software emerged as one of the highly recommended software by many bankers for the following reasons.

Safe transaction: Standfore – banking software systems ensures safety for the customers when they perform online transactions. By using this software, the customers can feel a sense of safety that their financial information is safe and sound. Having a right security over the bank account details will certainly be a good idea for banks these days because of rising threats from the cyber crimes. You can monitor the operations and Fraudulent activities. It facilitates the managing and monitoring the user accounts and Auditing activities carried on.

Data Analysis: The extensive data analysis services provided by the software is one of the most important services of this software. The banks have access to all the information required to make the decisions on factors that will affect their cash flow and profitability, and all of those can be availed in an instance. Reporting and statistical analysis for banks have never been easier. The best part is the behavior analysis of the customer is possible with the help of the data analysis section provided by this software. The integration with other BI systems can also be an option if the management seek more detailed information.

Content Management :The unified content management is one of the added bonus that you receive with this software. With the help of this, you can manage the content of all the channels that a bank has and link the external platform for the purpose of DMS and analysis services. You can manage the data of business with the help of this software. Storage of data is made easier with the help of content management. From text to multimedia, everything can be stored in the data base provided.

Digital Marketing Services: The Standfore banking software systems provide a chance to connect your marketing channels with the help of their corporate smb digital banking platform. By this banks can personalize their marketing strategies to suit their needs. The cross-selling of products of the bank was so much easier with the help of Standfore. The real-time reports and promotional content are some of its added advantages.